Dos Canciones Nuevas de Modelo de Respuesta Polar

Publicado el Lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010, por Raúl García
Modelo de Respuesta Polar

Modelo de Respuesta Polar

Los valencianos Modelo de Respuesta Polar han publicado dos canciones nuevas a través de su MySpace. Por costumbre acelera un pelín su velocidad y mantiene su calidad, mientras que El Principio de Otro es una propuesta más calmada pero igualmente interesante.

Lo más importante es que son dos canciones que siguen manteniendo su característico estilo y siguen teniendo cuidado hasta el último detalle. Ya son seis las canciones publicadas por el grupo, cuya rápida expansión a través de Internet, hace que Modelo de Respuesta Polar, poco a poco vaya siendo uno de los nombres que van sonando.

Una vez más, su MySpace:

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  1. Posted by Sofia on junio 19th, 2014, 13:00 [Reply]

    TrudyFOD / Hi David: Thank you for the message today. I did rcveiee one of my orders for your album. As always you have touched my heart and soul with these new songs. Each song makes me ponder about my own life and as always I think about how you are doing. I miss you a lot but understand this is something you needed to do. We all make choices and I’m sure you felt this was your time to do what was right for you. I just wanted to say that no matter what happens in the future I have always, and will always, love your music, your voice, and my deepest respect for you as a person. I hope you return and do music but whatever choices you make just know that I will wait for DA2014 and I’ve have had the most fun 4 years past and have made some awesome new friends because of you and your music.I am meeting up with a friend this weekend and am finally going to get to try thai food! and then we are going to go to a park or somewhere quiet and just soak in the words and music from your latest album.Thank you David for all that you have given me a deep appreciation for the little things, which are really big things. Enjoying life, good people, and GREAT music.Love you, miss you, and God Bless You

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